The Mountie (2011): The Gritty Remake of Dudley Do-Right We've All BeenWaiting For

Synopsis: Wade Grayling (Andrew Walker) is a disgraced Mountie. A former opium addict who shot an innocent while 'chasing the dragon', he is sent to the Yukon Territory for a surveying mission as punishment. While there, he stumbles across a burgeoning trade in the harvest of poppies being run by Lithianian immigrants and tries to single handedly bring law to the frontier. 

Review: I have to admit that I watched this Western (And, yes, it is a Western, America doesn't get dibs) merely because of the novelty of the Mountie main character.  As the only other depictions I had to go off of were Brenden Fraiser in Dudley Do-Right and his cartoon predecessor, it's not like I had such a wonderful example of the lawmen who supposedly "always get their man."  To a degree, The Mountie changes this perception, amd  with a few minor tweaks. It could have been quite the wonderful film. 

Unfortunatly. Andrew Walker channels Clint Eastwood almost all the way through the film, and wile I'm sure it is impressive that a Canadian Mountie in the past can do a vocal impression of a future American star, it took something away from what could have been a very unique character. Some moments, namely anything with the villainous Lithuanians, were quite good giving a flavor and character that was both historically accurate and compelling. The weakest moments came from the standard love storyline sandwiched into an already crowded plot. Running under ninety minutes, The Mountie (a.k.a. The Way of the West or The Lawman) is a welcome diversion that doesn't quite get it's man, but it does come close. 

Final Note: There was no syrup or pouting in this movie.So, if it wasn't for The Mountie, I wouldn't know it was Canada. 

Rating: 6.5/10

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