Ten Wanted Men (1955): The Eleventh Guy is So Relieved

Synopsis: Saloon owner Wick Campbell (Richard Boone) is fed up with John Stewart (Randolph Scott) trying to bring law and order to their Western town. When Campbell’s ward Maria (Donna Martell), now the object of his sexual obsession, seeks refuge with Stewart’s handsome nephew, Campbell hires ten bloodthirsty gunman to wage war on the Stewarts and their allies.

Review: After watching Ride the High Country, I realized I had never seen any of the Westerns of Randolph Scott or Joel McCrae. I decided to dip my toe into Scott’s catalog with this title. Ten Wanted Men was an enjoyable film that kept the action moving at a good pace for its ninety minute runtime, but, if it weren't for Boone’s lecherous performance and a few other touches, I didn't feel like this one was anything that special. Scott wasn't that charismatic, and the script was easily plotted with little surprise in store for the viewer.

Lee Van Cleef and Dennis Weaver both show up in small roles, and Denver Pyle is supposedly in there if you can find him (I couldn’t). The high points really come up whenever Boone is being a creep or his chief henchman, played by Leo Gordon, is giving him a hard time for being unlucky with the ladies. Gordon also provides an interesting touch as his gunman sports gladiator style wristbands with his Western garb, a touch I had not seen done before.

Final Note: Jocelyn Brando, who plays Scott’s love interest, is the older sister of Marlon Brando, and was five years his senior. She passed away one year after her younger brother.

Rating: 5.5/10

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