Don't Go in the Lightning Bug's Lair #1: Don't Look Now (1973)

For my final "don't" of the Don't Go in the Lightning Bug's Lair countdown, I've chosen Don't Look Now, the 1973 film by Nicolas Roag. It's seriously excellent, but seeing as I didn't get it up by Halloween and won't be able to write a deconstruction better than the one on Wikipedia, I don't think I'm going to do a full review on this one. Though Don't Torture a Duckling gave Don't Look Now some serious competition, Roag's artful deconstruction of grief and loss are truly a cinematic feat. However, it wasn't that much fun to watch. Some of the lesser titles on this list provide more silly enjoyment than the bleakness of my top 2 picks, and Halloween is more of a time for fun than depressing movies about dead children. So that wraps it up for this year, and next year I hope you all join me back here for more Halloween madness. Until then, reviews commence as normal within the next couple of days. Thanks to everyone who took time out to read and comment on my Halloween countdown selections.

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  1. I get that it is a good movie, but I also think it is a confusing film. I mean, what exactly is the dwarf murderer? And the killer running around just happens to be wearing the same raincoat their daughter did. Good, but oddly confusing.

  2. I take back my comment where I thought that Duckling should be number 1. I must admit it: you've called this exactly right. Don't Look Now is an awesome film

  3. Loved the film, it's strange, chilling and has great climax. Basically everything which modern horror isn't.


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