The Rupert Pupkin Speaks Halloween Top 13 Giant Monsters Special!

To get you all geared up for the finale of The Bigger and Badder Halloween Top 13 this evening, I thought I would drop on you the list from the Listmaster General, Rupert Pupkin a.k.a my pal Brian from Rupert Pupkin Speaks. When he's not landing cool interviews for The Gentleman's Guide to Midnite Cinema, hosting awesome list events on his site, and being an all around great dude, he also makes some the best lists of films that I have ever seen. His knowledge and scope of interests in film is unrivaled, and he always has some great and interesting picks. So check out Rupe's list and check back here in a few hours for the final entry on The Bigger and Badder Halloween Top 13!

Rupert's Favorite Giant Monster Flicks:

Honored to be invited to participate in this series of lists. I took a few liberties here in choosing some favorites to spotlight. Some of them may only feature a big creature in a smaller role. All the films are worth your time though (in varying degrees).

THEM! (1954; Gordon Douglas)
My absolute favorite giant creature movie. In this one, enormous ants attack Los Angeles. The sound these insects make is so creepy and memorable that I have thought of making it a ringtone. I genuinely adore this movie to be sure and it ranks up there with FORBIDDEN PLANET as one of the science fiction films I hold most dear.

 THE GIANT CLAW (1957; Fred F. Sears)
When one utters the words "giant turkey monster", this should be the film that comes to mind. Silly but enjoyably so. Joe Dante says much more than I ever could via his Trailers from Hell commentary:

WAR OF THE GARGANTUAS (1968; Ishiro Honda)
 My favorite Toho Kaiju film. Seek it out. 

JASON & THE ARGONAUTS (1963; Don Chaffey)
Talos The Bronze Giant fucks shit up for Jason and his gang of fellas. Almost as much as those darned skeletons. Great work by Harryhausen here. Perhaps my favorite film he worked on.

 FRANKENWEENIE(2012; Tim Burton)
Sure I realize this one is still in theaters as we speak, but I really enjoyed it and would encourage folks to give it a look(in theaters if possible). It's as inspired as I've seen Burton since the days of ED WOOD and prior. I won't give away the giant monster in this film, but it has one and I liked it. All in all though a wonderful, dark little movie.  

 THE VALLEY OF GWANGI (1969; Jim O'Connolly)
Cowboys, dinosaurs and Harryhausen.

THE BERMUDA DEPTHS (1978; Tsugunobu Kotani)
Remember back when TV movies where not at all concerned with fucking kids up permanently? Damn I miss that time. And you don't hear Carl Weathers talk about this movie all that much. Might be in part because of the ridiculous half-shirt he wears in it. Or that it's about a creepy giant turtle. I don't recall if I saw this during it's original airing, but I will say that the last shots are quite haunting and still stick with me.  Also features Stephanie Powers and Burl "Muthafuckin'" Ives.

Honorable Mentions:

DEEP RISING (1998; Stephen Sommers)

TREMORS 2: AFTERSHOCKS (1996; S.S. Wilson)

TENTACLES (1977; Ovidio G. Assonitis)

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