Rupert Pupkin's Top 5 Summer Movies

From time to time I get a chance to pitch in on other sites, and sometimes folks are kind enough to return the favor. So today, I'm happy to present my good pal Rupert Pupkin's Top 5 Summer Movies. Rupert has a great site, Rupert Pupkin Speaks, where he compiles many an excellent list and often has guest by to share theirs as well. Recently, I listed my Top 10 "Bad" Movies, and, as a thank you, Mr. Pupkin compiled this cool list for everyone to chill with this weekend while they try and beat the summer heat!

Rupert Pupkin's Top 5 Summer Movies:
1. LITTLE DARLINGS (1980; Ronald F. Maxwell)
The Bug himself just reviewed this film recently and I'm so glad he did. The movie, though it has a loyal cult audience, isn't nearly well known enough. I think this is partially to blame for it's lack of a dvd release to date(that and the music cost issues obviously). Thankfully I have it saved on my dvr in HD from a Movie Channel broadcast from several years ago. It's a comfort food kind of movie. Not sure why, but perhaps the sense of innocence about it really makes me nostalgic for my youth. I also love both the leads, especially Kristy McNichol. I guess I have an odd obsession with this movie because it seems to drive my wife crazy. I watch the beginning 15-20 mins or so once every couple months and it almost inevitably induces an eye roll directed at me.

2.  LAST SUMMER (1969; Frank Perry)
This isn't quite the light hearted fare that many of the other films on my list are. Sure, it's a coming of age summer kind of story, but it's got some rather cruel elements to it. It is nonetheless captivating and well done. has a wonderful cast including Barbara Hershey, the criminally underrated Bruce Davison and Richard Thomas (playing a not-very-John Boy type character). Frank Perry is a director that I often suggest people look into. He didn't make a ton of films, but there is a lot of quality in there. He may be most widely known for MOMMIE DEAREST, but those of us that have dug into THE SWIMMER, PLAY IT AS IT LAYS, RANCHO DELUXE or DAVID & LISA know there is much much more to him than that.

3. FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 (1981; Steve Miner)
This is my favorite film in the much beloved(to me) FRIDAY THE 13TH series. Sure it's really just a rehash of the 1st film without the twist, but I'll be damned if it isn't still a hoot to watch. I think I saw it for the first time during a middle school sleepover birthday party. It was making it's debut on Fox if I recall and each time it came back from commercials there was a big warning about parental discretion being advised. I was quite freaked out by the movie at the time. I remember watching a little bit of it and then having to leave the room and come back. Then of course once the film was over, my friend wanted to play hide and seek(or maybe ghost in the graveyard) outside. It was dark and the impact of seeing the movie was all the more intensified by running around in the pitch blackness afterwards. It's hard not to be terrified by the thought that a hooded man will slice and dice you when you're at that impressionable age. And speaking of that hood, it's still effective. Yes, it was probably stolen from THE TOWN THAT DREADED SUNDOWN, but it is nonetheless frightening to see Jason this way. Yes the hockey mask became completely iconic, but for me, Jason will always me the most scary to me in this film.

FRIDAY THE 13TH PART 2 poster in my office at work. Signed by Amy Steel!

4. MOONRISE KINGDOM (2012; Wes Anderson)
Yes, this is a brand new movie, but it really hit me in just the right spot so it had to make my list. I have been a lover of Wes Anderson's since the first time I saw BOTTLE ROCKET on VHS way back when. He just became one of those guys that really defined a sensibility that I wanted to have myself as a filmmaker(in college and after). I realize his schtick has become kind of tired to some people, but I still see a true sincerity in it and it still hooks me. I find that all his films grow in my esteem with each viewing and I really find that to be a rare commodity these days. This movie is a charming period love story and I can't recommend it enough. Currently my favorite film of 2012. Is it Wes Anderson's best? No, but it ranks up there for me.

5. ODDBALLS (1984; Miklos Lente)
This is a summer camp movie that I have only just recently been turned onto. I recall reading about it in the fantastic Destroy All Movies book when it first came out. I also remember Bryan Connolly (and Zack Carlson as well I believe) mentioning it in interviews I did with them in regards to the book. I meant to see the movie then, but somehow never got around to it until a short while ago. It popped up on a few of the guest posts in the "Bad" Movies We Love series I am running on my blog currently and I realized it was time to finally see it. So glad I did as it became an instant 'classic' of sorts to me. I am not a big fan of the first MEATBALLS film which I know is awful to say. ODDBALLS is everything I wish MEATBALLS was. It is just a silly, wacky, spoofy movie that keeps the gags coming at a mile a minute. There's so much more here to enjoy than you'd expect from a low budget Canadian sex comedy(rated PG!). It is really more like AIRPLANE! in spirit than MEATBALLS and that is a truly wonderful thing. it is now one of my all-time favorite summer camp comedies. Seek it out! The VHS cover pictured is quite ridiculous by the way. The boys in this film are quite young(14 or so I think) and the cover is trying to sell this film as PORKY'S or something. Quite hilarious.

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