The Horrors of Archive.Org: Karloff Edition

If there's one thing I like in life, it's horror films. If there's two things I like, it's horror films and free stuff. So I have to admit that  is one of my favorite places to track down horror gems of yesteryear. If you're not familiar with Archive, it is a giant online repository of copyright free audio, video, images, and more. If it's in the public domain, then it's a one stop shopping destination. So today I wanted to feature a few of the great horror goodies that folks should pull and listen or watch for Halloween.

In the late 50's Boris Karloff got his own brief show on the radio (Kids, a radio show is like a podcast you didn't have to download done by professionals.) . Each episode he read a different story from the pages of The Readers Digest. While most of them lean toward horror, by episode 3, Karloff is reading something called The Story of Wood. I chose the first episode to share with you folks, The Vampire's Grave.

Here's Karloff on a show I've never heard of before, Duffy's Tavern. While the first part of the show is devoted to the importance of war bonds (and face it, you always wanted to know that), the last half of the show features Boris as a demented doctor.

Proving you never know what you'll find on I ran across these home videos taken on the set of Son of Frankenstein showing a full color monster clowning about on the set.


Finally I'll leave you with a flick, The Ghoul from 1933 starring Karloff. The Ghoul was both the first British film to be labeled "horror" and the first such film of the talking pictures era. The plot concerning an Egyptologist who comes back from the grave to reap revenge is a bit like The Mummy, but it's packed with Karloff being sinister as hell, so who cares!

These are just a few examples of the great, free horror gems awaiting you at A search for any classic horror star is sure to turn something up, and it just proves that you never know where horror might be lurking.

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  1. The archive is brilliant and there are some real gems on there. Some wonderful early exploitation, such as beyond bengal, loads of Corman flicks, the delightful Sadist, and look out for a house invasion flick starring Johnny Cash on there too. A brilliant resource all round.


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