The Horror Weekend Report: Gatlinberg or Bust?

So yesterday I told you folks that I was headed up to Gatlinberg, TN for a dose of Smokey Mountain horror. Sure enough, nestled there between the Old time photos, candy shops, and pancake houses, Fran Goria and I found the quaintest little horror convention. This being only my third convention (1 in Charlotte, 2 Horrorhounds) and this being their first try at a horror convention at the gateway to the Smokies, I'm going to try and give them the benefit of the doubt. first off, scheduling opposite the established Cinema Wasteland convention. I'm sure this cost them both bookings in the vendor and star department. All in all they were weak on both.

When we arrived an hour after the doors opened, many of the celebs were not in attendance, and there were a noticeable amount of dealer booths left empty. Many of those who were there seemed either disinterested or surly. Even the couple of indie filmmakers and stars I tried to talk to weren't having it. There was also a lack of interest from the staff as well. Registration seemed like it was an interruption in their time, and the band checkers at the door clearly wanted to be anywhere else. Compared to Horrorhound there was a feeling in the air that the convention was a somber, sober proceeding, and the sparse attendance did little to help. I did have a good time hanging with Fran, and I got to meet Dante himself, and star of the excellent Vulgar, Brian O'Halloran. While most people around acted like they weren't even supposed to be there today, Brian was a genuine, warm individual who I hope to get o meet again next month at Horrorhound.

 Here's a few of the other spooky sites I saw while in Gatlinberg yesterday.

The might not be scared of ghosts, but fuel costs have Ecto-1down to a compact model. 

Say what you will about the  Saw films, if this is rolling down the street at you, it's freaky. 

One of the better and spookier scarecrows I saw yesterday. 

Yes, there's a place called Cooter's owned by the Duke's of Hazard's very own Cooter. Just be careful how you tell people you've been there. 
There's plenty of candy shops and in this one I picked up some delicious homemade candy corn. 

The real illusion. Making everyone not notice that the magician, mullet and all, has not changed since the '80's. 

What's scary here? I went home with a jar of Apple Pie shine, that's what!

And it turned me into a hillbilly!

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  1. Well, that sucks that the con was a bust, but it looks like the surrounding area is pretty awesome! I could have a ball there!


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