Monday Bugg Zappers: Featuring the Best from Around the HorrorCultMovieWebosphere

Sorry for having to coin a word in the title there, but in the inaugural post, I wanted to sum up what I'm going to start doing at the beginning of the weeks now. I'm going to do a cheap, easy post like the clip-show of the blogging world. Now, wait, did I type that out loud. Well, it's not what I meant at all. What I meant is that for years I've been meaning to start a feature to spotlight all the great writings I see from my blogging buddies and around the way. So check these posts out, and if it's not Monday, remember you can always find a list of great reading in the lower right hand corner. (After you've read everything here of course.)
Who among us is hardcore enough to be checking out movies starring Stone Cold Steve Austin, well none other than Matt-Suzaka of Chuck Norris Ate My Baby Hunt to Kill: Vengeance is a Dish Best Served Cold. Stone Cold.

Mr. X- Ray dives into the world of horror porn when he takes a look at the Official Psycho Parody. Why this film didn't star Janet Laid and Anthony Pervin' I'll never know. 

The mighty, mighty man known as The Mike got a look at John Carpenter's new film The Ward. I loved hearing that Carpenter is back somewhat. I know in the original script, The Ward was way too hard on The Beaver. 

Rupert Pupkin  round up a collection of great movie art at his eponymously named blog. 

The Death Rattle looks at one of my favorite installments in the series, Lone Wolf and Cub: White Heaven In Hell. If you've ever wondered why Wu-Tang was for the children, watch this whole series and find out. 

Rich covers Ferdinando Baldi's Ten Zan: The Ultimate Mission over at Italian Film Review. If it's good enough for Kim Jong Il, then it's good enough for me. 

Christine Hadden reads my mind at Fascination with Fear with her article I'll Take Shotgun: Why Rutger Hauer is a God

Ryan Harvey goes deep and finally gets me wanting to see Rise of the Planet of the Apes.  over at Realm of Ryan 

The Deadly Doll gets a posse together and makes Le Horde (which apparently is French for The Horde). 

That should keep you folks going for a while. Join me back here for more stuff in a couple of days, and I'll see you back here next week for another zapping!


  1. Cool new feature! And thanks for the plug ;)

  2. Thanks, brother! I always love post collections like this. It's a nice way to help keep me from missing something, which can easily happen with all those damned great blogs out there!

  3. Thanks for noticing me over in my world of porn plots.

  4. A remarkable and breathtaking surprise gem of a film. An incrediable, brilliant, stunning and heart-wrenching masterpiece. This is The Plant of the Apes film that we have been waiting for.

  5. "I know in the original script, The Ward was way too hard on The Beaver. "

    Ha! Awesome.

  6. Thank you all. I hope you come back to see more week after week. Like Matt, there's so many I miss. Just hoping to point out a few I really like.


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