Monday Bugg Zappers: The Bowie-lynx Cometh & Bringeth Links

Referring here to the manual, it says that the only thing better for a Monday than Bugg Zappers are links. Interesting, Bugg Zappers are links to some cool posts I read through the week. No wait, I read it wrong the only thing better are lynx. I can see it in a way, the crazy ears, the spots, and the wild mane. If David Bowie were an animal, I'd think him to be a lynx. That hasn't happened to my knowledge. We all know that circa 1974, Mr. Bowie was dog from the waist down, but that is completely unrelated. So no matter what this zoology manual says, Bugg Zappers are still cooler than  lynxes until The Thin White Duke becomes one. Want proof, read on....

Over at Day of the Woman, BJ-C might just have faced some karmic retribution : 

Over at Dfordoom's Cult Movie Reviews, my main man looks into Arizona Colt director Michele Lupo's the ominously titled peplum pic, Goliath and the Sins of Babylon

If you're like me and the words, Linnea Quigley's Murder Weapon sound like something incredibly deadly yet totally sexy, then you've got to check out The Bloody Pit of Horror for the review!

Johnny LaRue's Crane Shot got deep into Deathstaker and Deathstalker II, a guy after my own heart I tell you. 

Pierre, Pierre, where do you get those wonderful toys. Over at Frankensteinia: The Frankenstein Blog, this week Mr. Fournier featured a lovely post about the Frankenstein Re-release Program Book, Austria 1957

When I see that James from Behind the Couch is reviewing The House on Sorority Row, I'm clicking faster than someone trying to un-send one of those e-mails. The one's you write and then close. Imagine, if you will, the speed at which you would click everything trying to stop an accidental sending of said mail. Faster than that clicking (though less frantically, instead with a more the cool, decisive clicking of a hardened gunslinger), I checked it out, and so should you. 

That about wraps it up for today, so check those out, and maybe next week I can get a manual to work this thing. Or maybe I can get Emmanuel Lewis in to do this for me. Don't count on it, but I'll work on it behind the scenes. Anyhow, until next week, consider yourselves Zapped!

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