C'Mon Attractions: Nic Cage, Harry Potter, H.G. Lewis, Cuba Gooding Jr & The Vibrator walk into a Bar.....

Another week, another batch of trailers. Surprisingly, they aren't a weak batch of trailers, well, at least not all of them. So c'mon with me as we give Harry Potter the creeps, see if George Lucas can take the TIE out of TIE-fighters, find a telling title with H.G. Lewis, hold Nic Cage hostage, and invent the vibrator. Yeah, it's going to be a busy week.

 First up, check out Daniel Radcliffe in James Watkins' follow up to Eden Lake, The Woman in Black.

So clearly, Radcliffe is trying to show he's ready for grown up roles, and happily he didn't have to get naked and have sex with a horse as he did on Broadway.  Instead he's wisely chosen something not too far out of his wheelhouse and with a real "The Others" vibe making it appear to be classy and shit. I've never read Susan Hill's 1983 book on which the film was based, but if Hammer Films (Yeah, that Hammer Films) can score with this one, then it might be a return to form.Creepy vintage toys and scary kids abound, and we all know that if Dementors couldn't break Harry Potter, then a ghost or two should be no problem at all.

Next Up
A Long, Long
Time Ago In Europe
World War II Was Fought.
Spielberg Gave Us Private Ryan,
And Now His Bearded Bro George Has
Penned and Produced This WW II Dogfighting
Film Starring Cuba Gooding and Being Directed By A
TV Director. (Granted of The Wire and Treme), but the
Question is this. Will the full weight of ILM and Skywalker Ranch
Behind it matter or will no one care about a CGI aeronautical recounting
of the story of the Tuskegee Airmen. Only time and the adjusted grosses will tell....

Let's move on to something a little more in my area of expertise, the films of H.G. Lewis. Well, back when I was a young Bugg, Herschell's films were some of the first to get me into gore films, and I've kept up steadily with the news of new projects over the years. In 2002 he made Bloodfeast 2: All You Can Eat, and it not only held up to the original it added a little something to the myth of H. G. Lewis. He came back after 30 years and really released a greats film. Sadly. it's only been nine years since last we saw H.G. and he's arrived back on the scene 21 years too early for this to be any good.

I want Herschell to go out with a great one, but a satire on how reality TV is headed toward violence, I'd rather just watch The Running Man again.

Now,Joel Schumacher, Nichole Kidman, Nic Cage, and a pair of big ass glasses.

While I do want to see this one as a guilty pleasure, what I'm really fascinated by is how many movies the cash strapped Cage is going to spurt out. What is this 67 in two years? That's Gene Hackman kind of numbers. Anyway, this time Kidman is along for the ride, I suppose cashing a check to pay for Keith Urban's highlights. Schumacher is hit or miss, but pairing Nic and Nic might be an entertaining ride.

Speaking of an entertaining ride, I'm going to make like the Bugg I am and buzzzzzzz on out of here before you roll this one. It's the spiritual brother to The Road to Wellville, but with a naughty twist that's sure to get some knickers in a bunch. Instead of telling you what it's about, I'll let the imdb synopsis speak for itself.....

"A Romantic Comedy about the Invention of the Vibrator"

Yeah, and I'm willing to look over Maggie Gooseface's presence because that premise in and of itself would get my ass in a theater seat every time! See you folks later, and when you get done don't forget to turn out the lights.... it'll wear out the batteries.


  1. Lucas took direct inspiration from WW2 fighter plane films for the first Star Wars' battle sequences, so I am not entirely shocked he'd be doing a for real WW2 film. I used to love Cuba and I used to love WW2 fighter films, so maybe this will work for me?

  2. James, I would like Red Tails to work for my, but we all know how good Lucas' scripting is. I imagine the dogfights will be stunning, and the movie itself stunningly undercooked.

  3. I wish Cage was in "Hysteria", just thinking about it makes me smile.


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