Movies By the Numbers

Looking back on My Cinematic Alphabet this morning, I'm very pleased with my list, but I had another idea that crossed my mind, numbers. There are a lot of movies with numbers in the title and I wondered how far I could get without the aid of imdb in a numerical list. So here's mine, anyone can feel free to join in on this one as well...

The Man with One Red Shoe

Lock Stock and Two Smoking Barrels 

Three Kings 

Fantastic Four

The Five Heartbeats

Six String Samurai 

The Seven Ups

Eight 1/2

The Cat O’ Nine Tails 

Ten Little Indians 

Oceans Eleven 

Twelve Monkeys 

Thirteen Ghosts

Fourteen Hours 

Fifteeen Minutes

Sixteen  Blocks

Number Seventeen

Eighteen Again!

Nineteen Eighty-Four

Twenty Four Hour Party People 

After 20 it seems to get hairy, but I would love to see is anyone can go further. 

Join me back here tomorrow when the vivacious Christine Hadden of Facination with Fear is going to get her eyes all over Hitchcock's Psycho

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