Buggin' On Shorts: The Batman Complex

Here's a little tasty mash-up I found when I was perusing Topless Robot today, The Batman Complex. In a nutshell (get it, nutshell), Bale's Bruce Wayne is just a crazy Brit who think's he's Batman. Then Leonardo is out to Incept him, and between the miasma of scenes from The Machinist, the Batman movies, Inception, The Fighter, American Psycho, and one really nice surprise appearance. It's got a couple of editing hiccups where the movie seems off and a tad on the convoluted side, but I thought it was worth checking out. So here it tis', enjoy....

Now head over to Freddy in Space and see the other best video today, the trailer for a new Call of Duty : Black Ops map called 'Escalation'. You may ask why should you care? I did. I'm only a casual game fan at best. Here's why:Robert Englund, Michael Rooker, Danny Trejo, Sarah Michelle Gellar and George Romero, 'nuff said? Check it Out, and tell Mr. Boots the Bugg said hello.

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