Horrorhound Weekend Indy '11 Wrap-Up: Part 1- The Celebs

Well, I've made it from the wiles of Indianapolis safely back to the Lair, and after a day of sleep and general recovery time, I'm finally ready to reflect on Horrorhound Weekend Indy. First off, let me say it was a great time. I had an absolute blast. I got to hang out with many old friends and make more new ones. There was really too many of you to list, but you know who you are. Let's get down to the real business at hand.

The number one thing I went to Horrorhound to do was meet Joe Bob Briggs, and after summoning up all the courage that I could muster, I finally had a stammer filled meeting with the Drive-In King. I got to talk to him a bit about how he's inspired me, and he signed my copy of Joe Bob Goes to the Drive In.

After meeting Joe Bob and basking in his laid back cool, I walked directly across the room and experienced the total opposite, the mania of Lloyd Kaufman. He's just as wired and nutty as I expected him to be. How he can keep up that kind of energy on the floor all day is beyond me.

After Lloyd, it was time to check out Graydon Clark's table. Mr. Clark was an incredibly nice fellow, and having read my review of his movie Joysticks, insisted that we get a picture in front of the poster.

Friday I had already sat in on the Laid to Rest II panel, but that didn't prepare me for meeting up with Chromeskull himself Nick Principe later that night.

The next day in a more, shall we say sober light, I met up with Laid to Rest director Robert Hall. Really nice dude, and I had a good time talking shared names with him.

With time running out on Sunday, I still had a couple of signatures to get. While I wisely skipped the $50 Captain Spalding photo op (I've seen some of the results and it was really underwhelming.), I did want to meet Sid Haig. I got to ask him about working with Filipino director Eddie Romero, and he told me a great story about The Woman Hunt director. He really seemed to light up at the prospect of not having to talk about Devil's Rejects.
Last but certainly not least, I got to meet the ravishing Catriona MacColl. Not only was she a lovely person to talk to, she's still as beautiful as when she starred in Lucio's flicks.
I also got a chance to meet Andrew Robinson, who was super great, and talk Deep Space Nine with him, but I missed out on getting a picture taken with him as my camera wasn't with me. The only disappointment to me was Barbara Steele who was charging forty bucks just to meet her with a picture as an extra charge. Overall she looked pretty disinterested with the proceedings. I ended up passing on her to meet Robinson and MacColl instead. I've still got plenty more of The Horrorhound Wrap-Up to come for the next few days with a special "little" Hitch on the Hump tomorrow and a recap of events from the 80's Slasher Panel on Thursday. So slasher fans stay tuned. Until then, here's a few of the costumes I caught on camera this weekend, and then highlights from the Don Post mask exhibit.

And here's a look at some of the items on display in the Mask room to celebrate Don Post studios.


  1. Good to have you as our man in the field. Looking forward to next time we can meet up.

  2. Nice! Looking good in those photos!

  3. Awesome sauce, Z! Looks like you had one helluva time. That is cool Clark remembered that review and wanted to take a picture with you.

    I have always wanted to meet Briggs and keep my fingers crossed that it will happen one day.


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