Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II: The Horrorhound Weekend Report

Hello all! Day One of Horrorhound Weekend is already behind me, and I already have things to report. Apart from getting to meet up with some folks (including Emily from The Deadly Doll’s House, The NOTLP crew, the Bloody Good Horror folks, Grey from The Dark Hours Podcast, Mike from Cadaver Lab, and many more), I also got a chance to take in one of the day’s panels for Laid to Rest II. With director Robert Hall, Chromeskull Nick Principe, and Laid to Rest II star Angela Armani in attendance, the assembled crowd was given a first look at the teaser trailer as well as a couple of scenes.

Laid to Rest II, shot in 19 days down from the original’s 24, picks up right where the action of Laid to Rest left off. If anyone remembers what state the sequel’s titular character was in at the end of the last movie, you might imagine that Chromeskull is feeling pretty put out about it. Getting back to his killing weight and to continue his reign of terror, Laid to Rest II promises to clear up some of Chromeskull’s origins (it appears he’s working for some kind of secret organization), but leave the viewer with more questions and more thoroughly satisfying and gory kills.

Robert Hall and Nick Principe
Principe How many gory kills? Nick Principe stated there were three times more deaths than the first film, and Hall echoed that sentiment stating that Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II is “chock full of f**king violence”.  From the kill I got to see featuring a girl getting half her face sliced off with Chromeskull‘s, they’re just as gory as last time. That kill by the way was what Nick Principe referred to as his third favorite, and if that came in third then I can’t wait to see what one and two look like.

After showing off the footage, the trio of guests took questions from the audience that yielded a ton of great information. Hall stated that Laid to Rest was never meant to be sequelized , but after the strong reaction to the first film, they decided to go into production. When asked if he planned of making Laid to Rest a franchise, Hall mused as to how many films qualified as a franchise and added,  “when I send the fucker to space, is it a franchise?” To approach the second film, the writers looked into the case of a man who had his whole face ripped off by a bear and reconstructed, and consulted several plastic surgeons in order to bring some degree of realism to the film. Also, some of the logic problems that plagued Laid to Rest, namely lack of cops and cell phones, are portrayed more realistically. That means there are plenty of cops, and according to Nick Principe and Robert Hall, there is plenty of cop killing. I don’t know what it says about a Horrorhound crowd, but this got the second biggest cheer, second only to the cheer after the death scene.

Everything is bigger this time around for Chromeskull and Laid to Rest. The cast, which now boast the talents of both Brian Austin Green and adult actress Angela Armani, has grown quite a bit from the first outing. Green appears to play someone connected to the organization which thinks it controls Chromedome, and Armani plays a detective on the killers trail. However, I do have sad news as Armani stated that the clothes “stay on”.  As far as the sequel’s titular killer, while he will be more explored as a character, don’t expect any answers. As Principe stated, “evil is just f**king evil”, and that notion neatly sums up Chromeskull.

As for Robert Hall, when asked about Lightning Bug, he said he would be quite interested in returning to a drama, but he imagined it would still retain a darker tone. Principe talked a bit abut seeing Lightning Bug before he met Hall and how the film captured the feeling that he had as a young man moving from the East Coast to Hollywood to gamble on a career in the movies. Hall also briefly mentioned filming Lightning Bug in his actual hometown (the thought of which made him shutter) and encouraged independent filmmakers to set their own first films in their respective backyards. Hall plans on making a third Laid to Rest film, but he also mentioned one of his other scripts, Old Scratch, which concerns a musician who plays his own records backwards only to find hidden messages to himself. From the way Hall described it, it sounded like Memento meets Metal, and I can’t see how anyone could pass that up.

Well that about wraps it up for day one and my coverage of the Laid to Rest panel. I have to admit after poking fun of Laid to Rest and liking Lightning Bug, I’m more than a little interested in what Chromeskull: Laid to Rest II has in store for us. The film should make its debut in September after bouncing around the horror convention circuit a little later this year. It sure looks to me like Robert Hall has an interesting eye, and there just might be something to his tricked out slasher after all. I’ll see you folks tomorrow (or Monday lets be honest) with more Horrorhound goodies, and remember, because it bears repeating, “evil is just f**king evil”,


  1. Seriously, this is my most anticipated film of 2011. What does that say about me??
    Glad you got to sit in on this one! Sad I missed out :(

  2. I wouldn't have missed this panel for the world. I got to talk to Robert at his table later and he was a genuinely nice fellow.

    I can't wait for it either. It seems like a real step forward for the franchise (Next stop, the International Space Station.... or somewhere to get a mini-DVR mounted on his shoulder.)

  3. hopfully rob spent more time on the script this time then argue with people on imdb.

  4. Hopefully next time you'll man up and not be an anonymous troll.

  5. I spent 20 dollars on the first flick i am entitled to my opinion and it's all fact check the imdb laid to rest board if you don't believe me. I would just rather be given news then see a director of a film argue with some net tools you know.

  6. Sadly, my hopes were dashed. It was not the nature of your comment that I was impugning, but rather your anonymity. I say good and bad things about Rob Hall's flicks, but at the end of the day, I sign my name to my opinion unlike some.

    Oh also, don't care if he was arguing with net tools or not. Never mentioned it either way. Just wanted to point that out.

    And now I am arguing with net tools.... sigh

  7. Yes "Anonymous" is just the kind of Troll we're talking about here. There is a difference in constructive criticism of my films and saying that my wife at the time should be "Giving BJS to dudes in back alleys and that she should die" like the IMDB poster in question said.

    You are right...when you cross the line like that you will be FOUND and made to apologize. I made an example out of him.....There is no such thing as anonymity Mr Anonymous. :)

    Robert Hall

  8. Rob, I know you've visited before as we spoke about it, but thanks for leaving a comment. I wish it had been under a better set of circumstances. If anonymous is the person to whom you're referring, then he deserves everything he gets.
    Anyhow, it was great meeting you and come around anytime Rob.

  9. I would never go that low and talk about someones family like the imdb user did im not even signed up on there due to all the shit talk that goes on there i try and avoid it.The point i was trying to make is i like laid to rest i own it and am looking forward to the follow up but i would rather get info on the film and know what is going on then to see you fighting with someone on the net i did not know the user went that far and said that kind of stuff about your family though now i understand why you did what you did thanks for clearing things up. i apologize for coming off like a dick not my intention

  10. dvd art and details are up and about now for anyone who is interested.


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