Get to Know Your Horrorhound Weekend Indianapolis 2011 Attendees

As I wasn’t able to get around to as many of the Horrorhound Weekend attendees as I wanted to, I thought I would compile this little primer out of the Lair’s archives for myself and anyone else that's going to be in attendance.

I guess I’ll start off with top billed Corey Feldman. While I recall liking some of the two Coreys movies when I was a lad, they haven't really stayed with me, and as one of the few horror fans who could care less about The Lost Boys, Feldman doesn't really excite me much. He was in Gremlins though, and here's a review of the film from a previous Ladies Night that never mentions Corey at all.

Now, let's move on to people I actually look forward to seeing if not getting a chance to meet.

First off, Barbara Steele. I'm totally stoked she's going to be in attendance, and I am definitely going to meet her. I don't have anything brilliant to take to have her sign so I might try and find something once I am there. I hold Ms. Steele in the highest regard, and I have fond memories of old favorites like Black Sunday and She Beast as well as more recent watches like The Horrible Doctor Hichock,

Then there's Sid Haig. Ask ask of my friends and they'll tell you that I love this guy. Plus he worked with Eddie Romero, and I'm interested to ask him about any recollections of The Woman Hunt. (review is about halfway down the page). He's also appearing for a special ($50) photo op in his Captain Spalding makeup. It's kind of going to be hard to pass that up, and well, I might not.

Andrew Robinson,sheesh. You're talking about a guy who co-starred with Pinhead and Dirty Harry. Robinson looks like a creep naturally so I expect to see him and be creeped out. But he did also play Garick on Deep Space Nine where he co-starred with.....

Jeffery Combs who played the serially cloned character Weyoun..... and yes, I am a dork on many levels. Maybe I can reinstate some horror cred with these reviews of Castle Freak and The House on Haunted Hill. (Though probably not because it is shameful I haven't wrote a word about Reanimator and that Castle Freak review is ancient and quite cringe-worthy.)

You know what thrills me? An appearance by

'cause he's a badass. He was a highlight in Two Evil Eyes, one of the best parts of The Fog (a movie that is awesome to begin with), and of course Night of the Creeps. Mr. Atkins is appearing at this convention as part of a Halloween III: Season of the Witch reunion along with a couple of his costars including Dick Warlock (who also played Micheal Myers in Halloween II). I'm not a big fan of Myers, but I am a fan of anyone with the last name Warlock (and it has nothing to do with Charlie Sheen.).

There's also going to be a House by the Cemetery reunion including the lovely...
and the very annoying...

....who in my mind will talk with the same shrill overdubbed voice even as an adult. I hate to blame the guy for someone else's voice, but.... yeah, I'm gonna.

Just a couple of days back  I was talking about....

..and his film Lightning Bug. He's also bringing along his buddy Chromeskull. I wonder how many runs to AutoZone will have to be made for polish ?

Also I understand Tim Burton's ex will be on hand.

I haven't reviewed anything she's been in, but I do look forward to seeing her in person.

Anyhow, Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2. I love it. Not as much as the first one, but it is pretty close. That's one reason I'll be bringing along my own stock of Shiner Bock, the un-Official beer of TCM2 (seriously it's everywhere in that film), as my adult libation of choice. I met Bill "Chop Top" Mosley last time..

,This time Bob Elmore, who played Leatherface unbilled in several TCM2 scenes, will be on hand. I will also be on hand to bitch about the good old days when you could tell someone you were a fan of Saw and it didn't  conjure images of a little puppet on a trike. But I digress..

Last week I wrote about Peter Giuliano who played the prowler in The Prowler. I hope he has on a all black WWI outfit so I know it's him.
A pair of supporting actresses from Susperia are going to be there, but....

...was in Cut and Run which in my eyes makes her that extra bit of awesome.

Speaking of being awesome, let's speak about...

Not only does this bring the count to three Devil's Rejects alums, but it also means that Black Santa is making the scene. Ok, seriously, Foree was in Dawn of the Dead which topped my list of favorite sequels a couple of years back.

The next to last one here is a late choice that just got added as far as I call tell...

That's right! Dan Hicks! One of my favorite parts of Intruder, a film I didn't like so much, but I really wanted to like more. One of the main reasons is Dan Hicks who also has memorable little roles in Sam Raimi's Evil Dead II and Darkman.

Just the other day I talked about Joysticks and how much I can't wait to get my copy of Black Shampoo signed by...

But the Numero One-o person that I am going to Indy to meet, it has to be...

I already have my copy of Joe Bob Goes to the Drive In laid out and ready to go. As far as writing about movies, I doubt there has been a bigger influence on my writing than Joe... Mr. Briggs....(no need to worry about what I'm going to call him I likely will be struck dumb.)

Well that's a little look into who's going to be there celebrity-wise. There's tons more, but either I haven't seen anything they were in or they're Boondock Saints. I'll probably not post anything while I'm at the convention so join me back here Monday for my recap of the weekend!

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  1. Holy cow, that's exciting. Meeting Joe Bob Briggs is just icing on the cake with all the other great people. I was going to comment on Joe Bob's old picture, but Corey's and Barbara's aren't recent, either.


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