Top 10 Common Complaints of Laid to Rest's Chromeskull

I watched Laid to Rest last night, and while I could go on at length about the movie, I spent most of the running time musing over the various dilemmas that must face (pun intended) Laid to Rest’s metallic mugged killer. Here are a few of his more common complaints.

10. Italian film fans always running up and asking questions about his early career in Lamberto Bava's Demons.

9. Never ending trips to Auto Zone for cases of Mother’s Chrome Polish.

8. His neighbor, The Night Slasher, borrows is knives without permission.

7. Airport Security, if you think taking off your shoes is inconvenient…..

6 Constantly mistaken for Destro.

5 Gas stations in the middle of nowhere that don't carry the specific type of camcorder tape he uses.

4 Trying to find a decent tailor who can make a custom Neru jacket with a special mount for a video camera. (Especially because he killed the last three because they couldn’t “Make it work.”)

3 Explaining to people that he’s not related to the Chrystal Skull and the last Indy movie wasn't his fault.

2 There’s just no good place to buy coffins in bulk.

1. People who assume he’s Kanye West in a Jason Voorhees costume.


  1. Great list dude. I laughed my ass off1

  2. Ha ha, Chromeskull....what an asshole! How fucking in the way can a camera mounted on your shoulder be when trying to kill people? Funny ass post...I love all things that laugh at Laid to Rest!

  3. Genius TL! This movie annoys me beyond belief. A massive failure on every level.

  4. The top 5 was pure genius!
    And I know I've said it before, but I love this movie. It's a perfect balance of ridiculous and wonderful. So bad it's good? Eh... maybe.

  5. Ha! This was an awesome list! I dig this film a lot but I can't knock those reasons at all.

  6. Thanks for the comments one and all. I had kind of a good time/ bad time watching this film, but I'm glad I saw it so that this list could happen.

  7. Nice...this movie had some great kills, but is an over-hyped piece of shit. Not a steaming pile, just a turd!


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