Christmas Shorts: A Visit to Santa Claus (1963): Who Wants to Visit Creepy Claus?

The whole time I watched Santa interact with the kiddies in today's short, I kept waiting for Chris Hanson to come out from somewhere and with the help of local law enforcement at the North Pole lock up the jolly old elf. This is partially due to the fact that the "elves" are kids in skintight tights, but time and age has worn down the kiddie film to the point where it could be on in the background of a Rob Zombie movie. Here's a couple of screenshots, but it really stands best on it's own. So down below you'll find A Visit to Santa embedded from So check it out and make your holiday a little more creepy.

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  1. Santa Claus rides in a parade and walks kids through a relentless department-store Christmas display. Filmed in Pittsburgh.


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