Christmas Shorts: Santa Gets Animated In 4 Great Christmas Cartoons

Since I haven't talked about any cartoons so far, I thought I would talk about several today. First up I have a Castle Films 1946 adaptation of The Night Before Christmas. This one cheats on the cartoon angle a bit by mixing it up with live action, but I really love how it's put together.

Here's a real favorite from the Disney catalog, Pluto's Christmas Tree. I've rarely seen the whole cartoon, but in the early '80's it was often included in some of the compilation Christmas specials that used to air on The Disney Channel. Getting back to the cartoon itself, this one not only features Mickey's dog pal Pluto, but also future Rescue Rangers Chip and Dale. 

The only heroes at Christmas aren't just Santa and Frosty. There's also plenty of room for Batman. (Hey Nolan. How about this for the plot of Dark Knight Rises.)

The last selection is one I barely rememeber from repeats when I was a kid, but it definitely was meant for the generation that grew up with Star Wars. Here's A Cosmic Christmas from 1977. 

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