Christmas Shorts: A Junky's Christmas (1993): William Burroughs' X-Mas Fix

Playing out like a Rankin Bass special broadcast to mugwumps, William Burroughs The Junky's Christmas is a small, strange entry into the world of Christmas cinema. Based on a 1989 story from Burroughs'collection Interzone, the story had previously been adapted into audio format on the album Spare Ass Annie and Other Tales. Some strange partnership between Francis Ford Coppola and VH1 film allowed directors Nick Donkin and Melodie McDaniel (Tori Amos' video "God", Madonna's "Secret") to make this stop action short featuring new narration of the tale by the beat writer. If you're a fan of William's, or enjoy stop motion animation I encourage you to check this one out.  I have a few screenshots to share with you, and then you can find the whole film from youtube at the bottom. Make sure you stick around after the main story ends for a short holiday meal with Old Bull Lee where he cuts the turkey with a switchblade.


  1. I don't know how the hell you keep finding these beautiful niches of nostalgia, but keep 'em coming! This is so f*ing cool.

  2. Thanks, I have plenty more to come all the way to Christmas. Keep checking back every day for more Kringliciousness


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