Christmas Shorts: Axe Massacre (2008): Santa Trades Ho-Ho-Ho for Axe-Axe-Axe

When I stumbled across this one I had pretty low expectations. The killer Santa field is pretty crowded, and a Christmas horror short that didn't mention its holiday affiliation in the title left me a bit uneasy. However when the title cards announced, The Holiday Classic....

I was somewhat intrigued. After all, there was festive holiday lettering. As the film started, with a father and mother arguing over who was going to take their boy on Christmas, I wondered if they had enough time to get this going in twelve minutes. However when this guy showed up....

...and offed the crazy mom, I wondered why Jack Skellington in Ray Bans was killing people. With only about four minutes left in the film all there's time for is sneaking into the house....

...and as I assume killing everyone else in the vaguest, least gory ways possible. I assume Jack/Santa Killington offed everyone including the kid. Why? I have no idea.

The best shorts create a good story arc quickly and execute it, but Axe Massacre surely only deserves a lump of coal. Christmas slasher fans will want to check it out if they insist on being completest, and luckily it can be found in whole at Youtube.


  1. The killer still looks cool in it though . . .

  2. i can't believe I missed this one, i gotta check it out, i'm a sucker for anything holiday horror related

  3. I dunno, I think it was pretty good but goes off the rails right after he walks out of the smoke frmo the fireplace. The killings there aren't any good, and it basically reveals there was no plot.

    But for a Youtube movie it's not bad, and the killer does look cool. (and funny aside, that actor who plays the dad has auditioned for me before)


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