My Halloweens 1997-2010 (Plus a Couple of Extras)

Hey everyone. I want to thank everyone who made last weeks first past of My Halloweens so successful. I hope you enjoy seeing the rest of the pics that I've dug up for you. To start off I want to put up a couple more early shots that my mom dug up.

1983 I love this picture. I was definitely trying to do my best Bela Lugosi here, but the black and white bow tie (that some readers may recall from last week) is holding me back.

Here's another shot from around 84 or 85. I did used to love me some Zorro! ....and the Hamburglar!

Here's the last old picture, from 1986. I didn't know it at the time, but I may have been going as Peter Murphy.

Now down to business. When we last met, I left you with the image of the mullet-pyre. There's quite a few years in between where I either didn't dress up or I don't have pictures so we'll pick it up with 1997.
You would think that would be the most embarrassing thing I would release of myself would be the mullet-pyre, but don't be silly. I worked a seasonal job at a Halloween store, and this was my bonus. I don't know what possessed me to want this costume, but I did.

In 1998, I worked at the Halloween store again, and decided on going low tech and high concept by dressing as Rolling Stones guitarist Keith Richards. This was mostly so I didn't have to talk intelligibly to anyone all day long. Most folks wanted to know if I was Ozzy Osborne

In 2002, I chose a costume from one of my favorite TV shows, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. That's right I'm a Trekkie and a Niner as well. Despite being a prepackaged costume, these things are devilishly comfortable, bring on the Eugenics wars so I can start dressing like this all the time.

I'm going to say that this photo comes from around 2003 or so. One of our friends used to have a rather kick ass Halloween party which we got the pleasure of attending a few times. This first year I went as RUN from RUN DMC while my lovely wife went as the vampire bunny, Bunnicula.

The nest time we went to out friends party (I want to say this was 2005) I found a rare gem, a prepackaged costume that I really liked. I had always wanted to be Arthur, King of the Britons.
For the next couple of years we didn't do anything special on the holiday that I recall. The last time we dressed up was in 2008 when I went as the living breathing embodiment of "The Lightning Bug" and my wife went as my date, the slasher prom queen.

As for this year, I haven't decided yet, but you can bet your buttons that when I do come up with a costume, I'll be happy to share it with you folks. Thank everyone for taking this stroll down memory lane with me, and I hope it brought back memories of all your great Halloweens in years gone by. Stick around because the Halloween Top 13 starts in just 2 days. I still need some submissions to get to 13 reader lists so check out out link for details.

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  1. Another nice set of photos from Halloween's past...that Robin one is quite the sight for sure! Incidentally, I might have worked at a Halloween store those same years, if not exactly, then real close to them. LOVED that job, even if the pay sucked.


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