The Lair Turns Two

Hey folks. I'm going to keep it short and sweet today. Two years ago I started The Lightning Bug's Lair with absolutely no plan and no idea of what I was doing. Two years later not much has changed in that regard. I've had a great time the past couple of years getting to know all the other great bloggers out there and talking to all my readers. There are just too many of you to list everyone who's been great over the last couple of years, but you know who you are. So thanks one and all for the best two years a fellow could wish for and here's hoping for two hundred more. OK maybe that's a bit overambitious, but you never can tell.  I'll be back Monday with the regularly scheduled nonsense. Until then keep checking out the Best and Worst of what the Lair has to offer, and thanks again for making the last two years so great.


  1. Happy blogiversary, your Buggness! ("From the moon, baby!")

  2. Congrats, Bugg! Two years is quite an accomplishment in a build-n-burn blogging world, so here's to you!

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  4. Yay!! Congrats 'cuz and keep it up! You are the wind beneath my wings.
    Okay, not really, but it sounded nice, didn't it? ;o)

  5. Hmmmm, cupcakes...

    Also, I'm a bit offended that FOC didn't make the worst list. Whatsamatterwit'you?

    Congrats, or happy birthday, or whatever that makes it! :)

  6. You provide inspiration for all us bloggers to keep going. Congrats!!!

  7. Damnit! Now I want a cupcake.

    But to more serious matters, happy happy Blogirthday!

  8. Happy Blog Birthday!

  9. Happy Blog B-day, Zach! Keep up the good posts so we can celebrate an equally cool third b-day one next year.

    Hey that was nice of that documentary spammer to send that ridiculously long comment to you for the b-day. Haha

  10. Happy late Blogiversary! Two years is quite the achievement, and I hope to see two more times twenty!


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