Hello loyal Lair-ers and welcome to the month of August. Around these parts that’s a pretty big month, and so I wanted to kick it off by letting you all know what has been and will be going on around here. First off, I want to say thanks to all the folks who kept up with the big four posts I did in July. I’ve had several other projects on the burner, and I just didn’t have time to keep my usual hearty schedule. In fact the past few months have been a little lackluster in that department, but from here on in you should see all your regularly scheduled favorites pop back up.

August is a special month for me for two reasons, two big birthdays. Tomorrow will by my birthday, and I have a special film that I haven’t watched since starting the Lair to talk about. Then in just a couple of weeks on the 20th, The Lair will hit its two year anniversary. I can’t believe it’s been that long! I’ll be taking that week to talk about some of the high and low points of the last two years. Also to celebrate I’ll be changing up the header banner every couple of days with a classic banner from Lair history starting with the earliest which you can see here. I’ve come a long, long way since then, but I do love seeing the early stuff. You should also watch out for some top 10 lists and classic reposts as the big day approaches, but that’s not all!

In honor of my two years, I’m announcing the TWO YEARS, TWO AWESOME GIVEAWAY and the way to win just couldn’t be easier! All you have to do is mail in the title to your favorite post that I’ve ever done and optionally one or two sentences why you like it. You don’t have to send in anything more than the title to win, but it wouldn’t hurt. The winners will be chosen by the almighty Bugg as well as the Lovely Ladies of the Lair, Fran Goria and Ms. Directed. So I suppose you want to know what you stand to win. Well, here you go!

First Place
That’s right you get the film that inspired my blog title as well as a copy of the first film I ever reviewed here for your viewing pleasure! 

Second Place
Your Choice of a Film from the Vaults of Cinema De Bizarre
Pick Whatever your heart desires and I’ll have CdB ship it right to your door!

Third Place
The Mystery VHS Prize Pack
From my personal collection of VHS goodies comes a pair of films sure to delight any cult and genre movie fan!

So, once more, all you folks have to do is send me an e-mail to with the subject line TWO YEARS, TOO AWESOME and include the title of your favorite post here at the Lair. Don’t have a favorite? Well, I’ve got two years of archives for you to go through and find one! So don’t miss out. This is an easy way to win some goodies, and I hope to get lots of entries. All entries need to be in by August 31st to qualify for the prizes.

Since I have all of these big days going on this month, I wanted to have one event week this month, and with The Expendables on the horizon, I thought why not dedicate a whole week to the stars of this forthcoming action masterpiece (I hope.) So look out for Sly, Rourke, Statham, Li, and Lundgren August 8-14th on Expendables Week. I know that action has never been one of my more successful topics, but I hope you all bear with me for that week after which all the normal segments will return. If anyone wants to join in of the Expendables love, I would surely welcome them. I’m not going to officially call it a Blogathon, but I would happily publish any links to related posts if you want to send them my way.

I also wanted to take a moment to thank some folks. It seems to be awards time again, and I know I’ve had several come in. I truly thank Christine at Fascination with Fear, Freddie at Full Moon Reviews, and anyone else who awarded me with something that I missed. I really appreciate your support, but I have so much going on still that I don’t have time to properly go through the award rules. Suffice it to say that if the blog appears on my blog roll, then I think it’s an award winner every day!

That’s about all for now folks. There will be plenty more to talk about in the days to come, and I’ll be back tomorrow to celebrate my birthday with one of my favorite films. Until then, get those entries into me, and come on back to enjoy the rest of what I have to offer in August.

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  1. Happy Birthday! I'm also looking forward to The Expendables, probably too much...

  2. Happy womb evacuation day! Can't wait for The Expendables week!

  3. Some good DVDs coming out this month are the fangoria frightfest ones.. I've added several to my blockbuster account, can't wait to see them!


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