Sinful Cinema Episode VII- The Martino-sode featuring Torso and Mountain of the Cannibal God

This week T.L. Bugg and Rev. Phantom bring you the first of their director's spotlight episodes with The Martino-sode, a deep look into Italian director Sergio Martino's catalog. There's an overview of his whole career, featured reviews of his proto-slasher giallo Torso as well as his entry into the cannibal genre, Mountain of the Cannibal God. The Sergio celebration even extends into the Bizarre Treasures segment when Hands of Steel slices off a intriguing slice of '80's sci-fi. So if you want to hear about the dangers of ascots, the perils of swine love, and the adventures of Paco Quarack then hit play and let the Martino-sode begin! (E-mail your audio or written feedback to and don't forget to leave us reviews on iTunes so you can be entered to win some genre goodies.)

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