The Recount for Mr Horror Blogosphere

So, as some of you may have read, there seems to have been quite a number of voting irregularities involved in the Mr. Horror Blogosphere contest. I know I did not personally take part in any tom foolery, and if any was done on my behalf, I was not party to it. In order to get a fair vote, Chuck from Zombies Don't Run is re-running the voting from now until Monday at 12 Noon. However it is going to take more than a click on a blog to cast a vote this time.

What I have to implore you fine folks to do will take a little more effort, but it is a fair resolution to this disputed title. So here's the skinny, from whatever kind of e-mail you use, mail a message to and in the subject line put the magical words TL Bugg of The Lightning Bug's Lair. That's all you have to do, Chuck will be hand counting these and making sure everything is on the level.

I hate to ask you folks to do this. I hate that the first voting did not stand, but it is what it is. Anyone who voted for me in the first go around I thank very much, and anyone who feels compelled to vote this time around is a kick ass individual indeed. Thanks again and remember my campaign slogan "I share your values."


  1. I think there was definitely some tom foolery. It was a bit suspicious when I came home from work one day and we both had like 200 more votes than when I checked it earlier that day. Who knows though, maybe our readers are just huge procrastinators.

  2. As I said in my post, if there was tom foolery done on my behalf, I had no knowledge of it.

  3. Given the recent awards drama that was floating around, all I can say is that was the least surprising news I read all morning lol.. My vote still stands for my friend The Bugg though!

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