Mr. Horror Bugg-osphere

That's right it was finally the good old Bugg's turn in the Mr. Horror Blogosphere hot seat. So if you've ever wondered who my biggest inspiration is, what films I like most, or what my perfect woman is like (hint:I'm married to her), head on over to Zombies Don't Run and check out my entry and all the other handsome bastards that are in the running against me.


  1. Mr. Horror Blogosphere is a sham!! Now more so with the inclusion of you and myself.

    Sorry, I'm hoping to beat Nigel to leaving a scathing comment about the merit of blogger awards. lol

  2. the sneering (homo-phobic) snobMarch 9, 2010 at 5:18 PM

    Lightning Bug, do you remember in those early days of the lair when you were offended when i pretended to be you (re: the reveiw of "night of the living dead")?. I then went on to be one of the most consistantly funniest, wittiest, and cleverest commenters that this blog has ever seen. It may interest you to know that i still have those fantasys about Judith O`Dea and Marilyn Burns although now i throw in Jessica Biel as well (obviously) and sometimes even Patricia Tall-girl (she was quite tasty in the ludicrously under-rated remake in 1990). Well Lightning Bug my old mate, what more can i say except this is a great site and heres to another 20 years of superb horror movie reveiws and (hopefully) thousands of images of gorgeous naked 18 year-old birds to accompany them. By the way, i changed Patricia`s name because i much prefer the word "GIRL" to the word "MAN" because i`m so murderously homo-phobic (as my name would suggest obviously).

  3. The Lair earned my vote this year, best of luck TL!


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