Happy Birthday William Shatner!

So finally the day is here, and I wanted to take time off today to celebrate William Shatner's birthday. For over 60 years Shatner has been a fixture on the stage, screen, and television. From Captain Kirk to T.J. Hooker to Denny Crane, he's created memorable characters time and time again. He's survived personal tragedy, professional failure, and critical drubbings only to return time and time again. William Shatner is 79 years old today, and I should be so lucky to be as vital and look so good when I reach that age. So wherever you are Mr. Shatner, Happy Birthday from a lifelong fan.

To celebrate I'm here's a series of pictures each of which symbolizes a decade in Shatner's long career. 
Young Shatner in one of his first major roles, 1951's The Explosive Generation

Shatner showing how to rock a gold shirt on Star Trek

Shatner does lounge as he emotes "Rocket Man" at the Science Fiction Film awards.

After T.J. Hooker, no car hood would feel safe again

Shatner vs Shatner in Star Trek VI

Denny Crane!

You don't want to mess with the Shat!


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