The Bugg Presents: A Few Great Tunes By My Wife!

Hey there folks. I don't often take time out to talk about anything other than movies, but I have to take a moment for my lovely wife. She's the one who puts up with me when I watch one trashy film after another, and if I'm going to get support like that, then it is only right to return the favor. What you might not know about the lady who goes by the name Miss Directed when it's Ladies Night round the Lair, she is also a hell of a great singer/songwriter. She cut a new demo today at Greenville's very own Sit n' Spin studios, and it's blown me away. I just had to share, so give it a listen.

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  1. Love it. Where can I buy the CD

  2. Love It!!! Where can I buy the CD.

  3. No where yet, but I bet we can get you one, Amy's Mom.

  4. Yes amy's mom gets as many cd's as she wants, but i hope to be putting together a whole cd soon, and hope to put that out locally

  5. Wow, that is super impressive! Really, I hate everything and Lady Bugg sounds fantastic!

  6. thank you so much. i love that my husband thinks so much of me he will post this for the world to see. Genre film and sad girl songs don't always go together.

  7. Not bad at all, especially since it's not my kind of music.

    My only quibble is that if you're going to have a song called scarecrow it needs to go something like this:

    "Scarecrow! It's gonna KILL you! Scarecrow, it's coming out of the cornfields!
    Scarecrow! It wants to KILL you!
    Scarecrow! Scarecrow! Scarecrow!"

    Something like that.

  8. sir, i will get right on that song. i am flattered truly. maybe i can write something and channel David Hess.


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