Uwe Boll Has Chef Anthony Bourdain Shot!

I just caught this the other night on Travel Channel and I wanted to share it with you folks. On Chef Anthony Bourdain's trip to Vancouver a while back he visited the set of Far Cry and got a chance to appear in a very, very, very small part in the film. I really loved seeing Boll, who is often called as the worst director in the world for films like House of the Dead, criticizing amateur actor Bourdain's ability to fall down correctly. Now in Boll's defense, Bourdain was bad, but people in glass houses as the saying goes. I haven't seen Far Cry yet, but after this you can bet that I'll be checking it out.

On a side note, if you haven't checked out Rev. Phantom's Video Review of The Mack then you're missing out. It's a great review and better made than any of Mr. Boll's films.


  1. Even though he can be annoying and cocky as hell, Bourdain is the man.

  2. I really did not need to know that Bourdain goes commando.

  3. @ PoT- I love Bourdain, read all f his books and if he writes more I'll read them too. He is a cocky ass, but most great chefs are.

    @fran- you and me both

    @Matt- I'll have to get back to you on that one.

  4. So a prop misfire takes Brandon Lee.. But Uwe Boll manages to include ten thousand unrealistic gunshots in his films and survives? Fail. Gun misfire fail.


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