The Bugg Marches into March with a New Lineup of Goodies

With March almost here, I wanted to let you folks know about a few changes here at The Lair. With the work that goes into the pod cast and with my desire to bring you folks high quality reviews, I have to revamp my schedule a bit. So here’s what you can expect now.

Mondays will be the same as always, Italian film of all shapes and sizes when I take a look at what happened Once Upon a Time in Italy. I’m trying to get away from covering so many gialli, but there’s so many I haven’t seen that I feel sure there will still be quite a few. Still look forward to some comedies, dramas, and action films coming your way soon.

Tuesdays will be the day to come by the Lair or fire up iTunes and catch the latest episode of Sinful Cinema with me and my co-host Rev. Phantom. We’ve got lots of great stuff planned for this month so no matter if you like Australian exploitation action comedies, Nazi zombies, Larry Cohen, or Sergio Martino, then you’ll find something to check out on this month’s shows. Thanks everyone who’s been listening, and we’d love to hear from you all. Drop us a line at

Wednesdays will bring back one of my most popular segments. After taking a couple of months off, it's time for Hitch on the Hump to make its return. I’ve still got more than twenty titles to get though before I’ve exhausted the Master of Suspense’s catalog, and I can’t wait to get into them. Look out for my first installment when Hitch’s only R rated film, Frenzy, gets the Hump treatment. Hmm, that sounds wrong. Oh, well.

Don’t worry your head though, I still have room for the Ladies, and Thursdays I will continue to bring you great films starring the Beautiful Ladies of Genre. There are so many films and so many great actresses to cover (or uncover as the case may be). This month look out from films from foxy ladies like Ursula Andress and Claudia Jennings as well as another installment of Fran Goria and Ms. Directed’s Ladies Night. (Speaking of Fran, she took a month off herself, but she’ll be coming back this month with another installment of For the Love of Price. I for one can’t wait to see which of Vinnie P’s gems she’s got lined up.)

By now you’re probably wondering where the horror went, and I don’t blame you. I’d be wondering the same thing. It seems like forever that Terrifying Tuesdays has been a mainstay of the Lair, but now they are no more. Don’t fret though because horror has a new home on Fridays, Frightening Fridays to be exact, and I’ve got some great films lined up. So get ready to call on Cthulu, eat a dose of The Stuff, and Link your Blood with Michael Moriarty.

As for Saturdays, well, that’s going to be this Bugg’s day off. So you’ll have to wait for Sundays to check out my monthly feature, and this month one of my favorites is back. That’s right, it’s time for the second annual celebration of William Shatner and his many films when You Don’t Know Shat! makes its triumphant return. I’ve got four great films lined up, and it all begins with my first selection, White Comanche a.k.a Rio Hondo where Shatner plays a cowboy and his “ruthless Indian half brother”. If you thought evil Kirk in the Mirror, Mirror episode was funny, then just wait until you see Shatner go mano e mano with himself in this one.

So there you go the new schedule at the Lair. There are sure to be a few surprises along the way, and would you expect anything more from the ever lovin’ blue eyed Bugg? I think not. So come on back tomorrow for a taste of Italy, and I hope to see you all hanging around the Lair this month.


  1. I, for one, think the line up looks great! It's good to see Hitch back again, and you know I love Shatner. I, however, fail to see how this gives you more free time. Anyway for Price this month, I'm thinking comedy!

  2. I fail to see how it does either. It doesn't give me freetime as much as time to get everything done. I do still have enough time for Cranberry Vodka though.

  3. My carton of Stuff walked out on me, but I'll still be here Fridays regardless! Looking forward to the revamp for March Mix Master Bugg


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