Terrifying Trailers Presents C.H.U.D.

Hello folks. I’m taking off for a romantic getaway with my lovely wife, but before we escape to the mountains and the fall foliage, I wanted to watch a film that makes you ready to get out of the city. So we sat down together and watched the one and only C.H.U.D. As always, the Feds are dumping nuclear waste under the city, and a creature has arisen with a hunger for flesh. I know you've heard that one a 100 times, but this film gives you Daniel Stern, mutated homeless folk, and a early appearance by John Goodman as Cop In Diner, what more could you want? It harkens back to the creature features of yore, and the monsters paired with an inspired performance from a young Stern make this film endlessly re-watchable. I remember back when I was about eight the kid next door described this film to me, and after that I never looked at a manhole cover quite the same way again. So here's the preview for C.H.U.D for you folks to enjoy, and I’ll be back tomorrow with a full length review of a Hitchcock horror classic.

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