Karen Fields Dropping Hints of the Final Chapter in Sleepaway Camp?

Today the Lair got a special visitor Karen Fields, better known as Judy from Sleepaway Camp, who left a comment on my recent post revisiting the classic film. "Hey Sleepaway Camp Fans! T.L.Bugg you have a great web site and I thank you for saying that I was gloriously bitchy! I really had a lot of fun being "JUDY". Im very new to this web world but i've just started a blog and i'd love to hear from all of you! Horror fans are the best!"
Everyone should check out and get a few hints about a possible forthcoming Sleepaway Camp film featuring the return of Judy?!? If she was that bitchy 20+ years ago then it's hard to imagine how bad she'll be now. How'd she survive getting offed? Who cares! It's very cool that Robert Hiltzik might get a chance to tie up his trilogy, and cooler still that Ms Fields might be involved. So head on over to her blog and show her some love folks.

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