Zombie Fancy Issue 3 featuring Zombie Town (2007)

Heya, folks, T.L. Bugg here. That's right! Hot off the presses is another issue of everyone's favorite fake magazine feature, Zombie Fancy! Leaf through it's virtual pages and enjoy as Fran Goria and Ms. Directed take a trip down to....

Zombie Town (2007) starring Adam Hose, Brynn Lucas, Dennis Lemoine and Phil Burke. Directed by Damon Lemay

The small Vermont town of Otis has been infested. Slug-like parasites are infecting human hosts, and turning them into ravenous zombies. Inept mechanic Jake( Hose ) has to team up with his ex-girlfriend Alex( Lucas ) and Randy( Lemoine), the snowplow driver, to try to save the town.

Zombie Town was a nice new concept in zombie films for me. The premise is that parasitic slugs infect human hosts. Once inside, they breed like crazy, while one attaches to the spinal cord. They turn that human into a flesh-hungry zombie. The zombie then bites another person, allowing the parasites to spread. Okay, so the slugs are a little Slithery, but Slither wasn’t about zombies. I liked the idea, and I felt that Lemay did a fine job at rounding it out.

The film also looked good. The camerawork was well done, and the blood looked pretty good too. I have seen a few zombies, good and bad. These were not the best, but the were certainly above average. And the scenes of the slugs bursting through skin were wonderfully gross.

On to the cast. I have never heard of any of the actors. Only a few were in other films ( other films I have never heard of ). This kind of surprises me because the acting is okay. I especially liked Dennis Lemoine as Randy. He was part ass hole and part good guy with a wisecracking sense of humor. His character really made the movie for me. The other actors did good jobs with their characters for the most part, but no one else really stood out.

Zombie Town was super-fun to watch. I enjoyed the entire 95 minutes. It was bloody and it was funny. And it had a nice balance of the two. I definitely recommend this movie to any zombie fan. It will always have a spot in my vault o’ zombies.

Brain Rating

The zombie movies have a long history of being a metaphor for social issues ranging from racism to conformity. My favorite zombie movies usually play on these themes. To my surprise, I like this movie for being plain fun. How can you not have love with a movie shot, acted and scripted well while still giving you a zombie dog.

Zombie Town naturally suffers from a lack of resources, but if you blink you might miss them. A green screen was employed, mixed with a few practical effects. A camera shot though a shotgun hole in a zombie is never a bad move. All of this makes for a good looking movie. Also the sound track didn’t sound all that Casio. The music seemed to all fit. From the open credits, to the end, the sound of this film was part of it’s design. None of it will be showing up on my Ipod, but none of it feels tacked on.

The script only feels rushed in little places. I get the feeling the film makers needed to get to the blood, so they had to get through the love story set up as fast as possible. To be fair, I wasn’t watching The Way We Were. The point of the movie was slug like parasites crawling up your butt and feeding on your nervous system. That’s the movie I sat down to watch, that’s the one I got.

On a personal note, I have a phobia of parasites that goes deep to my core. Nothing is creepier than something living off your very essence and sucking the life out of you. It keeps me up nights. It’s why I have never dated a drummer. This film grossed me out more than it will most people. That being said, it’s got some nice looking gore.

All of the points I’ve counted off are enough reasons to get your zombie fix on. If all them were gone, a anti hero named Randy shooting up bingo night would be enough for me. The jokes are smart, and keep on coming. If you are a horror comedy fan, this another great reason to try this one.
Brain Rating
Discipline and the Common Zombie by Fran Goria

As much as we try, we can’t keep zombies from getting into trouble. They don’t listen, stumble into things, attack and eat. It happens with even the best conditioning and obedience training. This is in the zombie’s very nature, and is bound to happen every now and then. Quick reaction times and proper discipline should help keep your zombie in line.

Let’s start with the “Simple Infractions”: these are the cases when, yes, the zombie has gotten out of line, but no one was bitten or killed. A punishment as simple as a rolled up newspaper or magazine will work wonders in this case. You may also want to try a tin of dry beans. Shake it at your zombie and it will surely startle it into good behavior. If that doesn’t work, then try squirting it in the face with a spray bottle of water.

“Severe Infractions” are a more serious matter. Causing an outbreak at a neighbor’s BBQ or eating a child at the bus stop is just not acceptable. Shovels or other blunt instruments can be useful in this situation. Just remember that a ravenous, or excessively violent, zombie must be put down. A responsible zombie owner always has an extermination plan.

We here at Zombie Fancy hope that these tips will help you keep your zombie on the straight and narrow. Feel free to try your own punishment methods and find a regimen that works best for you and your zombie. Just remember never EVER withhold food from your zombie. This will always cause more problems, and nobody wants the authorities called in.

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