Wednesday Trailer: Dario Argento's Giallo

While I'm not a hug fan of Argento, I do prefer his giallo to his more horrific works. So when I heard about this film a few month back I got pretty excited. Add to that the participation of Adrien Brody and I'm pretty well sold. 

Here's a a short synopsis: When American model Celine is kidnapped off the streets during fashion week in Milan and put through a series of terrifying, humiliating and painful ordeals, her sister Linda desperately recruits Inspector Enzo Avolfi to find Celine before she suffers the same awful fate as the other beautiful victims.

Sounds pretty standard, but hey, how long has it been since anyone made a standard giallo? Also fun little fact Fabrizio Bava, son of Lamberto and grandson of Mario, is listed as the first Assistant Director. Could he be planning on following the family tradition and taking the big chair soon as well? Anyhow, no word on a official release date, I just wanted to see what you folks out there thought about this one. 


  1. I'm eager to see this and I hope it's a return to form for Argento even though I liked "La Terza Madre".

  2. I hope this will be return to form, but the trailer looks terrible -fairly generic torture porn and only traces of Giallo at best.


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