Wednesday Preview: Combat Shock (1986)

I thought I'd share this with you folks. I got a e-mail today from the fine folks at Troma Entertainment announcing a re-release 2 Disk special edition of Buddy G's Combat Shock. I can't say this is one I was familiar with, but the preview makes it look like something I definitely want to see. Here's the official synopsis:

"Frankie Dunlan is a Vietnam veteran whose life is a festering sewer of poverty, hopelessness and violence. His wife is pregnant and hungry. His one-year-old son is sick and horribly deformed from exposure to Agent Orange. His family is being evicted from their rundown apartment. He roams the streets looking for work. His childhood friend is a strung-out junkie. He sees underage prostitutes working the streets. Yet he doesn’t give up hope. Maybe there’s a job at the unemployment office. Maybe his father will help. As Frankie returns returns home, he finds a way out of the horror -- desperate times call for desperate measures.

  I'm thinking of pairing this one with Bob Clark's Deathdream for a night of Vietnam influenced terror and mayhem. So just a heads up for you folks  out there. It seems Troma is trying to release a ton of obscure goodies lately so give ol' Lloyd and Co. your support. 


  1. Do you know if Troma will be releasing Ocean Drive Weekend on DVD? My old VHS copies are wearing out.

  2. This is an exceptional exploitation film -- the equal best Troma has ever released on DVD; the other is MOTHER'S DAY.

    I'll be picking this new edition up for sure.

  3. Thanks for the comment Phantom of Pulp, I've heard Mother's Day is quite good, but I have yet to see it either.

    X-Ray Specs, I feel your pain. My copy of OD Weekend is also quite old, and I would love to see that film remastered. Thus far it looks like Troma is picking up old exploitation and horror flicks for re-release, but considering they released the original VHS there's always the possibility.

  4. This is one of my favorite grim little nasties. It's pretty low budget, but it's so fucked up you can't help but love it. I really wouldn't compare it to Deathdream (apart from the vietnam connection), but imagine if you crossed Eraserhead with Jim Van Bebbers Deadbeat at Dawn, that should give you some idea of what to expect.

  5. Your description makes it sound even better Johnny666. Thanks for the info!

  6. Good summing-up of COMBAT SHOCK, Johnny.

    Director Buddy Giovanazzo has made a number of good films including MANIAC 2 - MR ROBBIE (an excellent short) and NO WAY HOME.

    His latest (not yet released) is LIFE IS HOT IN CRACKTOWN (based on his own novel, which is an excellent, hardcore read).

  7. Combat Shock is really golden as a time capsule of an especially grimy New York of the period (says someone very far away from NY and the period). Personally, I love films with a strong sense of place to them, so this is right up my alley.


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