Professor Jack Returns: A Project:Valkyrie Update

As some of you may recall, some time back I reviewed one of my favorite films, Project:Valkyrie, and in the review I made this challenge to anyone who might stumble upon it:"See this, and everyone find Jeff Waltrowski and tell him I want a sequel. (and also the kick ass Church of the Sub-Genius shirt Jim wears throughout.)"

Little did I know that it might make it's way through the maze of the interwebs, and actually rech the ears of Waltrowski himself.  "Hey man! Jeff Waltrowski here. A friend of mine just pointed me to your review. Thanks for the kind words. Sorry, no sequel. I'm currently in post on a larger budget reboot/prequel/whatever called "It Came From Yesterday". I hope it lives up to your expectations!!!"

So I was checking out some stuff about It Came From Yesterday, and found there was a production log at A Bugman Blog. where you can check out stills and posts about each day of shooting. This film does look like it's going to be great, and I can't wait to see the finished shots. It does look like an ambitious undertaking, but I have faith in Jeff that the finished product will be well worth the wait.

I just wanted to drop a post on you folks, and get the word out on Jeff's new flick. Check out the production diaries, and I'll keep you posted on anything I hear about It Came From Yesterday and Jeff Waltrowski. 


  1. Hey man. I just wanted to let you know that the "It Came From Yesterday" Teaser is online at! Help me spread the word!!


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