Choose Your Own Adventure: Terrifying Tuesday Edition!

Hey folks. I’ve had some things come up and I could not deliver the normal Terrifying Tuesday post that you all expect. So to make it up to you all next week I am giving you the choice. Just post a comment and tell me which one of these films you would like to see for next Tuesday. I assure you I will cover all of them soon, but I thought this might be fun so here they are….

Bruno Mattei’s Hell of the Living Dead

Umberto Lenzi’s Man from Deep River


Argento’s The Bird with the Crystal Plumage.

I’ll be excited to see what wins and I shall return this Thrusday with a brand new entry for B.L.O..G.


  1. I say The Bird with the Crystal Plumage. It's the best known of the three, but in this case I really want to hear your opinion on it.

    Man, I love those old Choose Your Own Adventure books. I bought a few of the new printings last year, and got some used one, and got a thrill "mapping" them out. I'd kill to get a contract to write one.

  2. hell of the living dead- its stockfootagetastic

  3. This is a hard one. I've love to see you tackle any of these. I'm going to go with Hell of the Living Dead though.

  4. Man From Deep River is my favorite of these, but I'd say go w/Hell of the Living Dead--it's a good time!

  5. You brought back memories with that pic of the ole Choose Your Own Adventure book ~ I used to love those books!!

    If it's not too late to vote, I'll go with The Bird with the Crystal Plumage, as that's in my Netflix Queue ;-)


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