The Morning After...

Hello folks. Hope everyone had a great time out last night. Hope you got lots of treats, and did lots of tricks. I went out with Miss Directed and Fran Goria, and we had a great time. We hit some bars, jacked some kids up for their Reece's, and kicked back and took in The Day of the Dead on the late night. A good time was had by all. 

Reviews will start back on Monday in earnest. The month of November will bring us a few Holidays, and I got your salutes to them. Every Monday in the month of November will be The Men of Action Tribute to salute Veteran's Day. November is also Thanksgiving, and while the Bug loves a bird on the table, I hate one on the screen. So every Thursday in the month will be The Turkey Days of November. Also in the wake of the American elections, what will happen with your puny Earth economy? Feeling like you need to make your dollar go further? Then join us on Saturdays for Dollar Deal profiling movies from the super cheap bins. Plus join us this month for the premiere of Miss Directed and Fran Goria's Ladies Night. It will be a case of She Said, She Said when these two dolls sit down to review some films.  See lots of stuff for you folks to check out all November long on the Lair, and don't miss our normal reviews. I see some Bava, some tough chicks, and a forgotten Romero gem on our horizon. 

So see you back here on Monday. Naughty November is upon us.

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