The Horror Top 50 List

Some time back I was approached by B-Sol of The Vault of Horror to participate in a survey of horror writers to determine the Top 50 Horror Movies of All Time . I was quite flattered to be included in the ranks of the "Cyber-Horror Elite" (a tongue firmly in cheek title I assure you.) with the likes of Zombo's Closet of Horrors, Brad from Bloody Disgusting,  Karswell of The Horrors of It All, and many many others who I don't have time to list, but you should truly check them all out. I know I have. 

Long story short (too late I know), the list has been up for a couple of days, but I haven't had a chance to pop a post in to link it. It's making the rounds now and I know It's stirred up quite a bit of controversy over on the Bloody Disgusting and Fangoria online. It's not a perfect list, but there are not perfect lists of anything anyhow as likes and dislikes are the most subjective thing in the world. I just wanted to pop up a little post so my readers could have a chance to look at it, and to thank B-Sol for including me in the process. For a horror review who hasn't been around for too long, it was an honor to be chosen. 

In the interest of full disclosure here are my choices as well. I put a lot of thought into it, but they were the one's I chose that day, and perhaps would not be what I would have picked on another day. "The Best" is always changing in my mind. 

1. Texas Chainsaw Massacre
2. Dracula (1931)
3. Night of the Living Dead
4. 2000 Maniacs
5. Zombie 2
6. House on Haunted Hill
7.Evil Dead 2
8. Halloween
9. Hellraiser
10. Nightmare of Elm Street


  1. We share the same #1. Also, Night of the Living Dead would also be in my top 5.

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