MonsterCon 2008- Flicks, Toons, and Tunes

Hey there Ladies and Gents. Today's post is kinda going to be a bit different. The Bug just got back from flying over to North Carolina to attend the 2008 MonsterCon. It was a lot of fun and I wanted to share with you fine folks some things I picked up and tease you with the reviews you can look forward to this week.

First off on a musical tip I want to talk a little about Colombia, SC band Mary Shelly Overdrive. If you like your rock and roll with a dose of horror flicks and kick ass chicks, then give these guys a listen. I picked up their first full length album and really enjoyed it. You can check it out at their web site where you can also download their first 3 EP's for the bargain basement price of FREE!!! Did you hear that folks. While the earth economy is crashing, you best get your hands on quality music like this at a price like that there. Do it Moonies.!

Next up I'd like to say a few words about Bradd Parton. He was a real nice fellow, and I'd never checked out his web comic before today, but I came home and started working through the archives. I really like what I saw. So check Bradd out. His web comic is called Gloomy Roomies , and it's got one more reader right here in the Lightning Bug. (I also loved his awesome puppets of his character. Made me want a little puppet Lightning Bug to say things I don't want to.)

Next up is another comic artist. Known for his work in the comic Cemetery Blues, T.A. Boatwright also has another comic I picked up called Zeke Deadwood. It's the story of a zombie lawman who brings law and order to a small western town. I love the style to the book. It brings back memories of pouring over issues of Creepy and Eerie back in the day. Check out T.A. website for more information on his other projects, and to see more of his art.

Naturally the bug picked up a film or two, and I just want to preview them for you folks. These will all be coming up this week as well as Tuesday being the thrilling conclusion to the Kill Quentin series with The Bride Wore Black. I'll be looking at indie pictures The Devil's Tramping Ground from The Mad One's Productions and Come Get Some from Director Jason Griscom and Studio F8. Plus Chuck Williams who appeared in Bubba Ho-Tep and Dark Walker handed The Bug a copy of his Haunted House documentary Halloween:The Happy Haunting of America. It looks pretty cool and sports appearances from Robert England, Doug Bradley, and our Lord and Savior Tom Savini. I also picked up a couple of other films I'll be reviewing; so look out for I Bury the Living, American Punks, and Cover Story to be coming your way this week as well.

So that's about it Moonies; the Bug is all pooped out. Check out these folks because they are all nice people, and independent artists and musicians like this need our dollars to keep making stuff on their own. A Special thanks to the people who put on MonsterCon for a great time, and all the folks who took time out to speak with the Bug for a moment. It's time to kick back and start watching some of these flicks.

Check back tomorrow for a regularly scheduled review, and get those Halloween Top 5 Lists in to me before the 19th.


  1. Sounds like you picked up some cool. And I'm looking forward to all those upcoming movie reviews, "The Bride Wore Black" in particular.

  2. Yeah It was pretty fun. I watched "The Bride" last night so I'd have some time to reflect on it and yeah, the Bug has a few things to say.


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