Come Get Some with Zombie Elvis (No Further Explanation Needed.)

Good evening, morning, early afternoon, or around fourth meal (Damn you Taco Bell!) and welcome to the second day of my MonsterCon movie recap. I had a chance to meet Director Jason Griscom while I was at the Con. Not only does he seem like a nice fellow, but my man can rock a tweed snap brim cap. The ever lovin' Bug just can't seem to make the snap-brim work on his melon head, but enough about haberdashery. That's not what you folks want to hear. After all, it's time for the film and tonight I bring you a tale of action, adventure, tough chicks, and that hunka hunka rotting flesh, Elvis Presley.

Come Get Some (2003) starring Steven A. Grainger, Colleen , Jennifer Stickland, Bonnie Moore, and Kate Jordan. Directed by Jason Griscom.
The film which is shot in black and white, opens on a girl walking through a graveyard. She pauses to light a candle at a grave marked "Martin", and a hand bursts through the earth. It shoots up under her skirt and pulls her entrails out in splattery mess. Lesson learned ladies. Wear pants when walking around spooky graveyards. Safety after all is job one. If you haven't guessed by now Griscom prays at the altar of Romero, which all in all is not a bad thing. Over the credits we get our first glimpse of zombie Elvis who crops up to feast on guts a few times in the film.

It seems that in this sleepy Georgia town the worst outbreak since Pittsburgh is going down, and HUDS (The Human Undead Defense Service) calls in their man for the job, Last Resort Man(Grainger). Our hero springs into action by doing his hair, posing with his gun, and locking himself out of his house with no pants. At that very instant in a bar in Georgia, a gang of rednecks rumbles with some tough chicks and comes out on the losing end. These girls; Skyler, Christa, Ashlyn, and Summer, are claiming their turf. Their main rivals, The Watson Brothers (played by the band ANTiSEEN are playing a little baseball with roaming zombies, and it's all fun and games until one of them smashes a mailbox. That's when the boys learn the lesson that "property damage ain't no fun".

Last Resort hits town, but his Mustang 5.0 breaks down on the road He gets his first encounter with the girls, and when he won't tell what he's doing in town, Summer, the gangs Gothic American Princess, lays the smack down on him. They leave him in the road and go to check on a friend of theirs, but find her devoured in her home. The girls go into action ripping apart the zombie invaders with katanas, machetes, and some well placed throwing knives. They are saved at the last minute by LRM wielding a chainsaw, but Skyler has gotten bit. This is all very disappointing for the HUDS agents who expected to wipe out the girls. Seems the HUDS budget is being cut, and they need a widespread incident to get an increase. The girls naturally stand in their way.

The agents dispatch the Watson boys to dump more toxic waste into a graveyard, and after a lesson about lids we learn that "ignorance is no excuse". Christa then gets captured by the Watsons and taken to the agents. With Ashlyn turned flesh eater and Christa in the enemies hands, it's up to Summer, Ashlyn and Last Resort Man "to fight the big climatic battle of good and evil" and defeat the zombie menace and the greed of HUDS.

Come Get Some is overall well done. I liked the choice of the black and white stock for their film. It really worked with the depth of their gore effects to create a tone from which color would only detract. (Check out the making of on the disk for comparison, and to see '\how Stove Top Stuffing can be used for guts.) The acting, however, was uneven in spots. I enjoyed Grainger's portrayal as Last Resort Man as a sort of Ash wannabe, but lead tough chick Summer, Colleen Galeazzi, seemed to hit and miss more. Her acting did seem to improve over the film, and she did play the fight sequences more effectively than the other girls. My only other gripe is the sound quality. I had to adjust my volume several times during the film, and dialog with music soundtracking was muddy and sometimes easily missed. In the end it was 82 minutes well spent with the kind of wackiness that hits the spot with me. I for one will be looking out for the sequel Come Get Some More.
Bug Rating

Check out Come Get Some on their webpage here or on myspace, and tell them who put a Bug in your ear.


  1. Yet another unknown film that sounds pretty cool!
    [my handwritten list of these movies is growing - they are going to need to find some distribution soon] :-)

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Glad you like the sound of it BoneBreaker. Yeah, sadly it doesn't look like Come Get Some is availible on Netflicks or the like, but it's worth the cash to order it from the folks so they can continue making fun indies like these.


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