Jason is Such a Berk

I have stated once before in my review of Twisted Nerve how much love the Bug has for the British people. However, the Queen's subjects are out to prove me wrong yet again. When I picked up this video at my local shop, I thought it sounded like a great idea. I'm sure that some poor producer out there thought the same thing, but ideas have to be followed by execution. While there are a few executions in this movie, it just wasn't quite what I mean. 

Unmasked Part 25 (1988) starring Gregory Cox, Fiona Evans, and Edward Brayshaw. Directed by Anders Palm.

Tell me this does not sound like comedy gold. Jackson (a thinly veiled Jason clone) comes back to London after living in the woods outside a camp for years. (Seems he and his mother moved to America to escape his abusive father.) On his return, he continues on his murderous spree; until after killing everyone at a party, he meets a blind girl, Shelly,  who is not scared of him. They hit it off and begin dating and hilarity ensues. Now all that is how the story goes until we get to those last two words there. 

Sadly, once Jackson gets into his relationship, it becomes a series of sight gags and misunderstandings that never quite hit the mark. The only clever scene involves Shelly trying to make Jackson feel more normal by donning a hockey mask of her own when they are in public. Other than that, we are met with scenes that never go anywhere like Jackson having problems getting into Shelly's S&M games in the bedroom. I'm sure that's supposed to be very funny, but the joke feels stale before it even starts. When Jackson finally goes on a murderous spree again in the end and follows it up with a melancholy ending, you wonder if the director even knew what kind of film he wanted to make. 

This flick just never makes it off the ground. To make it worse, the VHS copy I got was Pan & Scan without the Pan part, and actors sometimes said lines with their heads off the top of the screen. This is one to avoid. So you've been warned Moonies. Listen to the old LB and stay far away. No trailer for this stinker this time so I've included a video of Jason running around to the Benny Hill theme which is a much more successful grafting of the two cultures than anything Unmasked did.  

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