Ain't No One Crosses Willie Dynamite!

Greetings, Moonies. I've been holding off on reviewing a blaxploitation picture until I could get my hands on one I really wanted to share, and I have I got one for you. I saw this film the first time a few years back and I was blown away. It holds it's own with other eponymously titled  characters like Shaft, The Mack, Truck Turner, and The Hammer. 

Ain't No one Crosses Willie D
He's Tight Together and Mean
Chicks, Chumps, He Uses Them All
He's Got to be Number One.

Willie Dynamite (1974) starring Rosco Orman, Diana Sands, Joyce Walker, and Roger Robinson. Directed by Gilbert Moses. 

Willie Dynamite is a pimp, but not just any pimp. He's the 2nd top pimp in New York City, and he's out to be number one. With him is his stable of 7 beautiful women including top girl Honey and new addition Pashen (Walker), but things start to go downhill when Bell (Roger Robertson) calls a meeting of the top pimps and looks to organize them. Willie wants no part in that, and his troubles start. His car, a tricked out purple and gold number, gets towed and new girl Pashen gets busted. 

Across town, we meet Cora and her Assistant D.A. boyfriend. Cora used to be in "the life", but now she spends her time trying to save girls from pimps like Willie. After meeting Pashen in the holding cell she sets her sites on the girl by telling her that she can get her jobs as a model. When Willie posts bail for Pashen, Cora is not going to let that stop her. She busts into Willie's place and holds the girls at knifepoint while telling them that they are "the saddest ripped off bitches I've ever seen". Willie is having other problems of his own as the police arrest Willie D in a ruse to be able to search his car which has been towed away again. Pashen gets busted again and wants out of the life. Willie knows that Cora is behind it and goes to her apartment where Cora declairs herself "The Ralph Nader of Hookers" (It's really too bad that Ralph Nader wasn't the Ralph Nader of Hookers. I can see it now Unpimped at Any Speed.) 

Things don't get any better for Willie as Cora busts in his apartment again and turns his bank books over to the IRS, his stable of girls gets busted, and top girl Honey gets killed by a rival hooker. By the time Willie leads the cops on a wild car and foot chase, Willie's pimping career has been demolished. Soon Willie is hooker-less, penniless, and facing the slammer, and that's when things start to get really bad. 

Willie D is a notable film on many levels. First off, the outfits that Willie wears must be seen to be believed. There are golden lame jackets, fuzzy hats, giant fezzes, and jackets covered in tiers of fur, and they are breath taking in their sheer grandness. Secondly, Willie was played by Rosco Orman who later went on to play Gordon on Sesame Street and went from pimpin' hookers to pimpin' the A-B-C's and helping kids understand Mister Hooper's death. The music is also good with Martha Reeves singing the title song "Willie D". Watching Roger Robertson go so far over the top he came back the other side as Willie's rival Bell made me wish for a scene between him and Maurice Williams of The Time. 

Bird Better Have My Money!

Bug Rating

So check this one out and you'll be glad you did. It's got comedy, drama, action, and it's theDante's Inferno of Pimp movies! What else could you need folks. Check it out, ya dig? I'm gonna leave you here with a little clip featuring Willie and Bell.

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