A Welcome from the Bug

Hello out there in internetsville. Its the Lightning Bug here. I wanted to start off by welcoming everyone to my site. Soon there will be news and reviews of all kinds filling the site, but for now its just getting going. So in essence this post if me cutting the opening ribbon with my supersweet moon raygun (Chicks dig 'em when you wear 'em under a tight suit. ) Tomorrow the posts will start in earnest with a review of not one...not two... but nay all three of the Sleepaway Camp movies. Until then rememember these words of wisdom paraphrased from Mel Brooks.

"Listen to your mother, Listen to your father, Listen to your grandma and grandpa, listen to your uncle or a smart cousin. But if a guy in a long black cape and pointy teeth comes up to you. Don't listen to him thats Dracula, get out of there! "

Later Moonies.

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