Director's Cut and Smash and Chainsaw and Rip Arms Off

There's a misconception that low budget horror films can be excused for being crappy. The effects, the acting, and the camera work can all be chalked up to the lack of money going into a production. That may well be true, but what can't be argued is that great ideas and great scripts are free. Sometimes a low budget gem comes along that proves that for every second it's on screen.

The Cutting Room (2004) starring Lyla Sullivan, Noelle D'Amato, and Trent Haaga. Directed by Krist Rufty.

Our film opens up with a director, Angel Corman, (Lyla Sullivan), sitting down with Limwood Myerhoffer to try and get her movie "Summer of Blood" released. Lloyd Kaufman eats up the screen in this bit part as Limwood as he blasts her film for being too full of blood, nudity and original thought. Seems that's not what his studio or Hollywood is wanting. Brian (Trent Haaga), Angel's producing partner tells her that they need to get rewrites done and reshooting scheduled, but it seems Angel has other plans.

Scream Queen Liz (Jyllyan Dixon) who starred in "Summer of Blood" dreams of being a respected actress. She even has a fantasy about wanting, and I mean wanting, an Oscar, but her dreams will never come true as she's the first victim of Angel's rage. Over the course of the reshooting weekend, we meet the other films stars, the Goth Lesbian, the method actor, the aspiring porn stud, kung fu guy, the slutty girl, and the special effects diva. One by one they get theirs for using Angel's film for their own selfish reasons and infringing on her vision. The cast and crew get whacked in a variety of methods many owing homage to classic horror movie kills. I especially enjoyed seeing the lawnmower scene from Sleepaway Camp III brought back for more head lopping fun.

Just a Little off the Top, please!

This film is just plain fun from beginning to end. The effects are terrible for the most part, but then again this is a low budget horror movie parodying the making of low budget horror movie, so how could they be otherwise. The acting on the whole is pretty good. I've always liked to see Trent Haaga in anything ever since his turn as Debbie Rochon's deranged husband in one of my other favorite low budget gems Mulva: Zombie Asskicker. Also this film introduced me to a great song from the band Graveyard Boulevard with "Night to Dismember" which you can check out at their website here As you can probably tell, this is one I have to recommend, and on the strength of it I'll be checking out some of Krist Rufty's other flicks. My advice to you moonies is if you like Troma, if you like low budget horror, and you're ready for a fun time then track this down you won't be sorry.

Bug Rating

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  1. You're crazy. This collection of handy cam video was terrible, it's sad that some of the talented cast wasted their time on it.

    It has zero redeeming value, and provides zero entertainment. A chick plays with her meaty vag for a solid few minutes and even THAT'S boring. It's not worth the dollar spent on it.


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